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Product Sourcing

Let us identify verified suppliers and manufacturers for you. Everyone knows Alibaba but, do you know who to trust? We do. With 10’s of thousands of manufacturers in China it’s difficult to determine the best of the best. By implementing tactical local-sourcing strategies and calling upon our reliable network of suppliers and manufacturers we are able to find you the best deal possible.


We can physically check and address any quality issues that you may foresee, in turn, saving you time, money and hassle.

White-Label Products

River Poppy can help make your dreams a reality. Share your ideas with us so that we may help find the right manufacturer who is going to meet your demands, as well as your expectations for quality. As your representatives, we will be able to get a free quotation, authenticate the supplier’s legitimacy and inspect your products before shipping.


So you you have your Amazon, TakeAlot or Shopify account generating sales and you think you have found the next hot product. We can assist you with OEM/ODM drop shipping services to help you grow.

Why Use Our Services

The lack of reliable sourcing agents in China is a gap we are willing to fill. With over 100,000 individuals and sourcing companies to pick from, we are different. We pride ourselves on trust, so you will find working with us to be a pleasant experience. Many of our competitors will charge you based on a % mark up of the goods ordered as well as taking a “cut” from the supplier. With us, not only do you pay the supplier directly, they do not pay us – we work for you. Upon request, we are happy to share their contact details so that you may be in direct communication with them.

From domestic sourcing to global sourcing, we have you covered. The services we provide are tailored to your needs, for more information on what we charge, get in touch for a free consultation.

River Poppy’s ethical supply chain can guarantee quality with exceptional service, aiding in risk-free imports.

Additional features include free consultation and sustainable sourcing.

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Allow us, through our process, infrastructure, network to source effectively for every industry. From Office Equipment, Clothing to Food Packaging, our suppliers can source and make it. Browse some examples of products we can supply to you.



Outdoor Play Equipment


Prefab Containers

Wifi Routers

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